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We are actively recruiting befrienders to join the Footprints team and also seeking personal stories to share on our blog page.

In particular we are searching for people in the following groups:

Twin loss (both twins); Surviving twins or triplets; Triplets & Quads; Dads & Grandparents

If you are considering befriending and want to find out more or want to share your story with us, please click on the expression of interest form using the button below, or email

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Volunteer for Us

If you are interested in volunteering for Footprints, please complete our

Expression of Interest Form

There are many ways to help Footprints Baby Loss including becoming a befriender, helping with our online community and online support groups, fundraising ambassador, helping with in-person events such as our Remembering Day, admin roles, social media support and more.

  Volunteering gives me the opportunity to continue my son's legacy and be proud of the imprint that he has had on the lives of many.

Please consider joining our volunteering community. 

Footprint twin baby loss volunteers

It means so much to be able to be

there for people, just as others have been there for me.

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