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Footprints baby loss - baby footprints in the sand

"I like your focus on bereaved parents being at the heart of what you offer when they sadly experience the death of a twin or triplet" - Jenni Thomas OBE, Founder of Child bereavement UK

Footprints baby loss - Jenni Thomas Founder of Child Bereavement UK

Our Vision

Footprints Baby Loss aims to provide support and guidance to families who experience the death of one or more of their twins or triplets before, during or after birth, and to help to educate and train Health Care professionals looking after these baby loss parents, promoting good standards of bereavement care.


We understand the value of having a safe space to be able to communicate with someone who has been through something similar, and aim to provide a kind, caring and inclusive approach with our baby bereavement services. Our support is provided by those who have had first hand experience of twin or triplet baby loss. 

At Footprints we aim to:


  • provide support to bereaved parents and families of twins, triplets and higher order multiples through befriending, online support groups, social media, literature and education;

  • facilitate networks of peer-to-peer baby loss community support;

  • provide education and support, specific to twins, triplets and higher order multiples, to healthcare professionals, employers and carers of bereaved parents and families;

  • promote best practice in high quality care during and after pregnancy for twins, triplets and higher order multiples;

  • collaborate with other charities to raise awareness and promotion of high-quality bereavement support.

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