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I signed up to volunteer for Footsprints, because when my

son Henry died I felt very alone and didn’t feel I had anywhere to turn to. I wished I could have spoken to other mums who had lost a twin, so I decided to become a befriender so that others in a similar situation didn’t have to feel so alone.

Before you can access any of our support services, you will need to fill out our Footprints Community Form. 

You will only need to fill out the form once, even if you are accessing multiple support services over any period of time. 

This information is needed for safeguarding purposes, however we have made the form simple to complete so that you can be supported as soon as possible. 

Please note you will then need to request a befriender below.


Please email with any questions.

Befriending is peer-to-peer support from someone who has experienced
a similar twin or triplet loss to you. 

All of our befrienders are volunteers and at least a year on from their own loss.  They offer a caring, empathetic and understanding listening ear. We try to match people according to their experience where we can.  Befriending can be by phone, email, messages or video calls.


Our befrienders all go through an induction process and have continuous training and self reflection and are well supported.

Having a befriender was so important in coping with the loss of my twins. Being able to speak to someone who understood the pain intimately and also provided hope for the future, that it wouldn't always feel this bad, was irreplaceable.

Meet some of our Befrienders

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