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Meet Sharon and Suzie

Sharon Darke: Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Suzie Scofield: Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer


Sharon Darke

My twin boys Charlie and Joshua were born at 26 weeks in September 1999.  Charlie lived for 7 days and Joshua 13 days. I also have a daughter Jess and a son Samuel.  I have been involved in the Baby Loss community and specifically twin and triplet loss ever since, initially receiving support, but then supporting families who experienced the death of a twin or triplet both as a volunteer and an employee.

I began befriending Suzie when I was volunteering for another charity after her twin sons Rory and Daniel died, and we soon became friends. She then worked with me initially as a volunteer but then more recently as a colleague.  It has been such a special and important relationship for me, and continues to be so.

Suzie Scofield

I fell pregnant with twins in 2012. Rory died in utero at 21 weeks and Daniel was born prematurely at 29 weeks but died the day after he was born. I have three living children Olly, Jack and Archie.

I found lots of different types of support helpful to me after I lost the twins. But chatting to Sharon, as my Befriender, was such an incredible lifeline at a time when I felt very lost and alone in my grief. She really understood my feelings and she gave me hope for finding a way forwards. Its hard to put in to words what an amazing support she was to me. Over the years we became friends and I volunteered to support others going through a similar loss, supporting people as Sharon had supported me. Over the last couple of years I have worked in the baby loss charity sector. The memories of Rory and Daniel and Sharon's twins, Charlie and Joshua, live on through our work here at Footprints.

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