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Online Community

Before you can access any of our twin baby loss and triplet baby loss support services, you will need to fill out our Footprints Community Form. 

You will only need to fill out the form once, even if you are accessing multiple support services over any period of time. 

This information is needed for safeguarding purposes, however we have made the form simple to complete so that you can be supported as soon as possible. 

Please note you will then need to request to join the Facebook group below. Please email with any questions.

We provide a safe, caring and non-judgmental space for our twin baby loss and triplet baby loss bereaved community to come together to share experiences and photographs, where they want to, with each other. 


It is a place where you can ask questions and say your baby or babies’ names with people that understand

In order to keep our online twin baby loss community safe we ask that you fill in a form before you request to join the Facebook group.

Grieving for a child can be a very lonely experience and to be able to connect and speak to others who fully understand really helps.

In the days after my loss I read facebook posts from other people in the community.  It helped me feel less alone.

Meet some of our Moderators:
Twin baby loss support community - Marsha


My identical twin boys, John-Paul and Christopher, were born on 26 January 2020 at 24 weeks. John was born sleeping whilst Chris was with us for about 24 minutes. I am also a mother to another two beautiful boys, Sebastian and Zachary, who are 5 and 2 years old. 


When I lost my twins I felt all alone and like no one would and could understand what I was going through. Luckily I was put in touch with Sharon, through a charity, and through her and the rest of the community I received a lot of help. I didn’t feel alone anymore and began to feel part of a community where people had been through a similar experience and understood me without me having to say or explain much.

Twin baby loss support community - Kirstie


My identical twin girls, Scarlett May and Brooke Catherine, were born sleeping on 5th April 2020 at 32 weeks. I am also a mother to two rainbows Harlan, born in 2021, and Courtney, in 2022. 


I have had incredible support from other bereaved parents since losing my girls which has really got me through the hardest of times.


It is so important to me to help provide a safe environment to support others who need it and ensure there is a place where my girls and other babies are always recognised and remembered.

Twin baby loss support community - Sarah


My twins Carter and Sydney were born 8 days apart. My son Carter was born at 18 weeks gestation on the 26th June 2018, he lived for 45 minutes and my daughter Sydney at 19 weeks gestation on the 4th July 2018, she lived for 2 hours. 


I also have a rainbow boy Mason. He's 4 now and my daughter Marlie-Rae is 1.  


I tried various child bereavement support networks to help me come to terms with what had happened but I always felt like twin loss was so specialised that I never really connected with the people who were trying to support me. Being part of a twin/triplet loss support group has helped me immensely with my grief journey. I love working as a volunteer supporting others with their journeys too.

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