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TAPS Support  is a registered charity in the Netherlands focussed on continuing research into TAPS, TTTS and SFGR, and supporting families with these diagnoses. We want to improve outcomes for shared placenta multiple by sharing research, raising awareness and promoting the voice of parents. Learn more on our website at

The Skye High Foundation was set up to support families during and after the loss of a twin, triplet or multiples. The Purple Butterfly cot card was created and is to be placed in an incubator or cot in memory of their sibling. The cot card is used in conjunction with a poster that is placed around maternity and neonatal units, which explains the meaning of the purple butterfly. The cot card allows families the opportunity to make others around them aware of the journey they are going through.

The Skye High Foundation logo
Twin and Triplet baby loss books Kate Polly and UK Publisher Gail Powell

Loss Books is a series of personalised memory books created by award-winning author Kate Polly and UK Publisher Gail Powell. Every book title can be personalised with the lost loved one’s name and lovingly helps younger children and their families talk about their
lost loved sibling/s, son/s or daughter/s.

The original book ‘Sam and Finn’ was written by Kate when she unexpectedly lost one of her twin sons, Sam, shortly after birth. Unable to find a book to help Sam’s twin and other siblings remember Sam, she wrote her own.

Kate shared her book within her Facebook group to a surprising response; Loss Books grew out of an overwhelming demand from families to have their own special memory book created. Now, with over 100 titles available, there is a variety of skin tones, hair
colours, and avatars to suit most needs.

This wonderful range of personalised baby, child and adult loss books has been featured on the BBC and won a major charity award as ‘Best Keepsake’ in 2019.

ADD the coupon code footprints5 on checkout to receive a 5% discount, with a further 5% donation to Footprints Baby Loss.

To view the book ranges and find out more, visit:

Coming soon...

Footprints baby loss - footprints in the sand

Other useful contacts

We have listed some additional charities and organisations that may also be helpful.

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