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Sam's Story - Losing twins Jacob and George

Updated: Apr 1

I’m Sam. Mum to twins Jacob and George who passed away when they were born prematurely. This is their story… 

At our 12-week scan we found out we were having non-identical twins. It felt like a miracle, and I was so excited. 

At 21 weeks and four days my water broke around one twin. We were told the boys would not be considered viable and they would not try to resuscitate them. The twin who had lost his water, Jacob, would have little chance of survival as his lungs would not have had time to develop. Our second twin George had his water, and the longer he could stay inside the better. 

At 23 weeks and four days (02/10/11) I delivered Jacob alone in the hospital’s bathroom. Luckily, I caught him, and he was alive. However, I was told he was too small to intervene. He was pronounced dead 45 mins after he was born. 

We were absolutely devastated but we tried to stay strong for his brother George who was bigger and still had his water. We felt Jacob had stayed inside so long to save his brother. He had given him the best chance possible. 

At 24 weeks and one day (06/10/11) I got an infection and was told I would have to be induced for my safety and for the safely of George. Sadly, the delivery was too much and although big enough to be viable, George was stillborn. 

The following months were unbearable but speaking to Sharon, a befriender who truly understood my grief gave me a glimmer of hope for the future. 

I have been blessed with two daughters since who are now 10 and 11. They know all about their brothers and they remain very much a part of our family. 

I am honoured to now help Suzie and Sharon with marketing and social media support for the Footprints as part of my business Marketing Pace. It’s a special way to keep the boys’ memory alive and offer support to anyone going through such a loss.

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