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Remembering my twin brothers

Remembering Charlie and Joshua by Jess Darke, their younger sibling.

My brothers Charlie and Joshua are turning 25 in September this year. We remember them by celebrating their birthday every year - we have a nice family meal and cake. Normally mum will make the cake and I will decorate it. We often celebrate the day and sing them happy birthday. Sometimes we all go to the cemetery to take them flowers.

We also have lots of pictures of them up all around the house, and we talk about them often. When I was at university and first getting to know my housemates, we were talking a lot about each other’s families, so I told them all about Charlie and Joshua.

We remember Charlie and Joshua in so many ways, as they have always been a part of mine and Sam’s lives.

We have grown up knowing and talking about them. We do lots of fundraising and have a Dragon Boat race coming up. My boyfriend is going in the boat and we will all be wearing our Footprint tops with Charlie and Joshua’s footprints on.

My mum has started a new charity with her friend Suzie, and I have been helping her to get things set up.

It’s nice doing things in their memory.

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