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Creating Memories: Memorial Ideas for Twin and Triplet Loss

Updated: Apr 1

Losing my twin boys was the hardest thing I've ever had to face. In the wake of such immense grief, I found solace in creating tangible memories that could keep their presence alive in my heart and home. Here, I want to share some of the ways I've honoured their memory, hoping it might help others navigating this painful journey.

Making a Collage of Remembrance 

One of my first projects was a collage that included photos of me when I was pregnant, our hospital wristbands, and poems that were read out at the funeral. This collage is a visual story of our brief time together, a mixture of joy, anticipation, and loss.

Creating a Baby Remembrance Scrapbook

I also made a scrapbook filled with poems, postcards, and other mementos. I often look at this on the boys’ birthdays and add bits in when I see something that speaks to me. 


Collecting Trinkets after Baby Loss  

My house has become a sanctuary filled with little ornaments – little boys, butterflies, stars, teddies. I often buy something new for the collection when they have a birthday. 

Artwork for Baby Loss 

A gorgeous sketch depicting two young boys gazing into the distant sea holds a special place in our lounge. It’s a reminder of the lives they should have had. 

Wearing Memorial Jewellery

One of my most cherished items is a locket containing photos of the boys and their birthstones. It keeps them close to my heart, both literally and figuratively.

Decorating the Christmas Tree after Baby Loss 

Each Christmas I decorate our Christmas tree with special ornaments for the boys. Many have their names on. I love getting them out every year and placing them on the tree. It feels like they still get to be part of our family Christmas. 

My mum, their granny, found her own unique ways to cope and remember:

Writing Poetry to Heal 

She discovered that writing poetry allowed her to express her grief and maintain a connection with her grandsons. Her poems are a beautiful, enduring tribute to their memory.

Creative ideas for Healing after Baby Loss 

Her next project was a patchwork quilt, with each square representing something significant – butterflies, teddy bears, a rocking horse. This quilt, initially just an idea, became a way to capture and hold onto their identities and the identities of other babies gone too soon. 

Writing as Healing

For my mum, writing became a crucial part of her healing journey. It provided an outlet for her emotions, a safe space to vent without fear of judgement. Her writings are raw, honest, and profoundly moving, capturing the depth of our loss.

Multiple photos of baby bereavement poems, angel figurines, bracelets and jewellery, pictures of twins and twin ornaments and memory quilt as examples of memory making ideas.
Making memories after death of twins

In sharing these memorial ideas for twin and triplet loss, I hope to offer some comfort to others who are grieving the loss of a baby or babies from a multiple birth. Creating these memorials has been a part of my healing process, a way to honour my boys and keep their memory alive. 

If you're walking this path of loss, know that you're not alone. Finding your own ways to remember and celebrate your babies can be a small step towards healing.

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