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The Story of our Footprints Baby Loss Logo

Suzie Scofield

17 Mar 2024

The meaning of 'Footprints' Baby Loss

When Sharon and I decided to create a new peer to peer support bereavement charity for those affected by the death of twins or triplets, finding the right name was our initial hurdle. We spent a long time trying to come up with a name that would resonate with anyone who has experienced the loss of a baby. Finding a name that was fitting, that we both liked and that was available in terms of domain names, meant that we could not go with a few of our initial ideas. 'Footprints' then emerged as the clear winner, capturing the essence of our mission and the lasting impact of our babies.

The meaning of ‘Footprints’ baby loss 

Footprints felt like a really meaningful name. It is something that a lot of people associate with their baby loss no matter what stage the baby loss has happened. We often think or talk about the imprint a baby has left on our heart even if they are not here with us. If the death of a baby or babies is at a slightly later gestation or neonatal, then it is common for footprints to be taken of the baby or babies that have died. These are so special in the baby loss community. 

Remembering our twins after they passed away 

From the very start, we had the idea to somehow include our own twins' footprints in the logo. Both Sharon and I found a footprint from each of our twins; Charlie and Joshua & Rory and Daniel. With the help of technology and a creative touch from Sharon’s daughter, Jess, we brought these footprints together. 

Footprint Baby Loss: more than just a design

Kindly, a friend of ours, Paul Britton, who owns and runs his design business, Origin, offered to help us create a logo for Footprints. Paul was sensitive to our request about exploring the possibility of including these two sets of footprints and came up with some lovely designs. It stands at the heart of our twin and triplet baby loss charity, representing our dedication to providing peer-to-peer support for families grappling with the death of a baby from a multiple birth. 

Luckily Sharon and I both loved the same design and the fact that the logo could include a footprint from each of our four twins that died. It felt so incredibly special and meaningful as those boys are the reason Sharon and I are on this journey. It feels right that they are at the very core of this charity… representing all the other babies gone too soon. 

By sharing the story of our logo, we invite you to join us in our mission to support families affected by the loss of twins, triplets, or any baby. 'Footprints' is not just our name; it's a reminder of the small yet profound impacts our babies have on our lives and the world.

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