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Our first Podcast

Sharon Darke

21 Feb 2024

RG10 Podcast interviewed Sharon & Suzie about Footprints Baby Loss

Thanks to Ben and Nikki from Awesome Panda Productions and RG10 Podcast for interviewing us for our first ever podcast.

Here's what they had to say about Footprints Baby Loss...

The latest episode of The RG10 Podcast feels like an important one. We invited the founders of a new local charity, Footprints Baby Loss, to tell us more about their work supporting families following the loss of a baby or babies from a multiple pregnancy.

Listen to the full interview on your usual podcast platform or watch on YouTube (17m 45s). Here are a couple of options:



Their story is an inspiring tale of the power of peer-to-peer support. Of turning personal tragedy into comfort for others. Of selflessly drawing on experiences of unimaginable grief to create a caring community enabling others facing similar heartache to feel less isolated. Of using those same experiences to educate those on the outside looking in, wondering how to help.

Sharon Darke from Banbury and Suzie Scofield from Wargrave met after both lost their twin babies. Sharon's boys, Charlie and Joshua, died in 1999 and Suzie's boys, Rory and Daniel, died in 2012.

With years of experience seeing first-hand the benefits of bereavement support services such as befriending, and with an understanding of the additional complex emotions surrounding the loss of one or more twin or triplet babies, the two women have created Footprints Baby Loss specifically to help the parents of babies from multiple pregnancies lost before, during or after birth.

The RG10 Podcast is produced by Awesome Panda Productions.




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